There are hundreds of ‘photographers’ you could choose to capture your big day, so why should you consider me?


You should hire a professional.


Never before has technology made it easier for people to take pictures.  Digital SLR’s have taken a lot of the guess work out of photography and rekindled an interest and passion for the craft.  That’s a good thing.  What’s not so good is believing that owning a nice camera suddenly makes someone a photographer.    You cant go out and buy yourself a nice set of pots and then call yourself a chef, so don’t be tricked into thinking that it works with photography.   Its easy to take a photo when it doesn’t really matter if you get it right or not.  Its easy when you dont have 300 people standing around waiting for you .  Its easy when things are running on time and the weather is nice and everyone is a natural in front of the camera.  Unfortunately that’s not the way a lot of weddings go.   A professional wedding photographer knows this, and has the skills, knowledge, equipment and temperament to deal with whatever the day throws up


I’ve been doing this professionally for over 16 years.


I’ve shot literally hundreds of weddings, in good light, bad light, no light.  With lots of time, just enough time and no time at all.  In rain and in shine. (no hail yet – thankfully!)   With couples who are totally at home in front of a camera and with those who couldn’t think of anything worse than a photoshoot.   With the most easy going people you could imagine, and the odd one who turned a little “bridezilla” on the day.


I’m a fairly relaxed sort of person.


Theres enough potential for stress on your wedding day.   I know that my best photos are always with a relaxed subject, so I’ll do all I can to keep you relaxed and enjoying your day.   I’ll make it my mission to make you laugh even if your dress gets dirty, your hair gets messy or you’re simply are over that  list of 50 family photos your mum has written out for us.    I’ll make sure I’m relaxed and unobtrusive when I need to be, but confident enough to stand up and direct all your guests when it comes to boss them around a bit.


I’ve invested in all the right gear to make sure the job gets done.


A professional not only has the right tools for the job – they also have at least two of them!  You can rest safe in the knowledge that when I turn up to cover your big day I have the right equipment, and back-up gear to make sure I can deal with anything the day throws at us.  That includes additional lighting in case the sun finishes before we do.  That includes a boot full of umbrellas in case you get blessed with a rainy day.  (I’ve been told its good luck if it rains on your wedding day!)  In most cases it also includes another photographer, just in case you break your first one!


I dont upsell.


We’ve all heard the horror stories.  Couple books really exclusive and expensive photographer, only to turn up to pick up their album and face a barrage of hard sell tactics to make you part with more money.   I hate that!  You should feel safe in the knowledge that when you book a package that  the price you are quoted will be the final price you pay.  I don’t do upsells.  Never have.  Never will.   That’s my promise to you.   That’s not to say that you cant add to your package if you choose to,  I just wont deliberately design albums bigger than what you have paid for in the hope that I can squeeze some more money out of you.


I’m a member of the professional bodies that count.


I’m a fully certified member of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography. (AIPP)  This means that my standard of work matches industry standards.   It means that I’m governed by a code of conduct and ethics which ensures I do the right thing by my clients.  It means that I have access to the most up to date industry training and professional development to ensure I stay fresh.   It also means I can draw on the help of other members of the AIPP in the unlikely event that I’m unable to fulfill my obligations to you on the day. (Never happened yet in 12 years … but its nice to know – just in case.)    I’m also a member of Canon Professional Services, (CPS)  – a professional support program run by Canon Australia.  This means I always have access to support and equipment loans in the event that any of my gear is unavailable for your wedding day.   Just part of benefits of hiring a professional!


I’ve won awards – but I don’t care!


I have entered the industry awards before.  I’ve even managed to win a few.  That’s nice at the time, but I’m not really fussed about them.  My job is to give you beautiful images from your big day.   It is not to use your wedding as an opportunity for me to shoot photos to impress other photographers.   Nothing against other photographers, or the awards system – but I’d much rather make you happy than them.  Rest assured when I shoot your wedding my number one goal is to make you happy and exceed your expectations.  Anything else is just a bonus.